Annual Conference


September 12-14

at Twin Lakes Camp & Conference Center


The Crossroads Fellowship Annual Conference is being reworked to allow more time for building professional relationships and allow professional development through a number of strategic workshops. Mike Hess, General Association of Regular Baptist Churches National Representative is going to be the speaker. The theme is "Faithful, Skillful, and Joyful from Start to Finish" 1Peter 5:1-4.


  • Sunday: 6:00pm  ARC Building Dedication
  •                7:00pm  Fellowship 
  • Monday: 8:00am Breakfast 
  •                 9:00am Workshop #1
  •                10:30am Workship #2
  •                12:00pm  Lunch
  •                  1:00pm  Session #1
  •                  2:30pm Crossroads Fellowship Director's Hour
  •                  3:30pm Break
  •                  5:30pm Supper
  •                  7:30pm Session #2
  •                  9:00pm Fellowship
  • Tuesday: 8:00am Breakfast
  •                  9:00am Session #3
  •                 10:30am Business Meeting and Celebration  
  •                  12:00pm Lunch
  •                    1:00pm Workshop
  •                    2:30pm Fellowship Prayer Meeting and Challenge
  •                    3:45pm Conference Ends